The lessons focus on the following aspects depending on your personal preference

  • Create a personal training plan: Which openings to study and how? How to improve your tactics and calculation? What part of your game needs the most improvement?
  • Game analyses: Analysis of your tournament, competition, and online games
  • Training exercises: Exercises to practice calculation. It is essential to master all the tactical concepts like forks, pins, double attacks, discovered attacks, and mating patterns.
  • Homework: Exercises and openings to study in-between lessons. A shared Dropbox will give you access to opening courses and more instructive videos about calculation and strategy. Furthermore, you will receive homework puzzles after each lesson.
Furthermore I use
  • A python algorithm that generates tactics based on your own games for positions where you blundered.
  • The opening PGN files with text comments in Dropbox, which can be studied with the chessable move trainer.